New Unity Project 2 - Grey Goo

A Soundtrack composed in Spring 2016 for a unity game I helped develop

Posted: 2024-02-04
Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes
Author: Brady O'Leary

This was a soundtrack I wrote for a game that I helped develop as a part of the Carolina Gamers' Club at USC in Spring 2016. The game concept that semester was open-ended, and so our group chose to make a game around the apocalyptic scenario of Gray Goo nanobots consuming the world, except that you played as the gray goo. This soundtrack was developed primarily using LMMS, but there are a few live recordings I made using some 1990s Roland (?) synthesizers that were present in one of the computer labs in the USC School of Music. I took the approach of making the soundtrack more minimal and ambient to reflect the gameplay of many other things going on around the player.

About the game

The game centered around the player controlling a group of Gray Goo nanobots that would replicate after consuming more matter. The gameplay was inspired by and to an extent Katamari Damacy where the player had to consume other objects in the game in order to proceed, but also had to avoid larger objects that could kill the nanobots until the group was large enough to consume that object.

I don't remember how far the game was actually developed, but there was art created for it, which was used for the cover art of the album.


A few years later, after having more experience with composing music and using LMMS, I remixed the soundtrack which you can read more about here.

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