Escape Game OST

Soundtrack that I wrote for a project I did for my new media arts class in college

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes
Author: Brady O'Leary

This was a soundtrack I wrote in LMMS for a short, basic game I developed for my new media arts class at USC. I came up with the idea for the soundtrack during the class, wrote down the basic melody and then expanded upon it later. I decided to make the soundtrack have a very ambient feel to reflect how the player was in a liminal space, and also use an odd 7/8 time signature to make the music feel uneven.


There is an Intro track which plays when the player first starts the game and 4 dark world themes which loop and change depending on how many cubes the player collects.

The last track was composed a little while after the first group, probably during the witching hour and is meant to be faster and more upbeat. It also perfectly loops which is a nice bonus.

Dynamic Soundtrack

This was my first attempt at creating a dynamic soundtrack where there were 4 background tracks that could play in the second part of the game depending on how many color subes had been collected. However this being the first time making the soundtrack and implementing the sound code for it in Unity, I didn't have time to fully figure out how to do the crossfading properly which resulted in an abrupt change when the player collected a cube. I did however make all of the part 2 and final tracks loopable.

I had also intended to make the Intro track more dynamic, where the player starts the game hearing the wind sound and as they approach the mysterious tree in the middle of the field start to hear the music get more intense as they approach, however given the time constraint, I was not able to get that working properly

Best of LMMS

The last track initially called "Endgame Theme" but later renamed to "The end of all Time" was submitted in a Best of LMMS contest where it received an honorable mention.

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