January 2024 Updates

Updates to the website I've been making in January of 2024

Posted: 2024-02-04
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Author: Brady O'Leary

Hi everyone, it's been a while. I've been working on the theme for the website (and not so much the content, story of my life), making some improvements to the look and feel of the actual website and the styling powering it. I also decided to change the music section of the website and turn it into a section for the music I write, posting articles for major albums that I posted on Soundcloud. I also have an update regarding some personal projects I'm working on.

Website Style changes

My primary focus on the website template updates is to turn it into a standalone theme. I've actually been working at this for a while, and just recently got it into a working state, and making my website compatible with it.

I've also been working on various style improvements and fixes for some issues that I've noticed on mobile devices, such as overflowing text in banners. I also redesigned the landing page and page headers to look more modern and added all articles to the landing page, though there will be some further changes here in the future.

The Music page, now with more content and a new header
The Music page, now with more content and a new header
New Landing Page
New Landing Page


I decided to add articles describing some of the music I wrote to my website, and started with writing one brief article for the more major playlists and individual tracks I've written. Eventually, I'm going to need to start posting music elsewhere because I don't want to pay for Soundcloud (yes, I know that hosting media is expensive, but I don't think Soundcloud is fitting my needs at this time). This will likely be Youtube, but I can't say for sure yet.

Go take a look for yourself.

Personal Projects

I'm announcing a new personal project I've been periodically working on for a few months. After working on the JsGameEngine, I gave that up because it had a lot of tech-debt and I was experiencing burnout. I then started a new project with a similar goal of being a modular game engine, but this time with a proper Entity Component System implementation. I wrote it from the ground up in Typescript and split the code out into several internal libraries, enabling the framework to be run in either NodeJS or the browser directly with no unusual mocks needed. That was the overall goal of the project, to be a framework instead of an engine, but provide an engine along the way, allowing developers to effectively build their own game engines using only the pieces they need and still be able to work around restrictions provided by the out-of-box example engines. However, this too may be shelved as I'm not sure that this project is a good use of my time at this point.

You may view the codebase as it currently stands here. Feel free to contribute, but please coordinate that with me first.

In all, I hope to be making more regular updates to the website and potentially start some new projects and accomplish new goals this year.

Take care all!

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